Success in breeding aquarium fish is the ultimate achievement for aquarium hobbyists and many strive to attain this success.  It can be yours if you understand two basic rules. First, you must gather as much information about the behaviour of the individual fish you wish to breed and secondly, you need to be aware that many fish will only reproduce if given the same living conditions as that of their native habitat. 

Your first experience of fish breeding will probably come from livebearers, e.g. Mollies, Platties & Guppies. Many of these fish are prolific breeders and need little or no intervention from you. Egg layers, e.g. Discus, Angels and Tetras will all breed happily if conditions suit.

To try and ensure the best results in breeding it is preferable to 'condition' the fish  by feeding a good healthy diet of fresh and live foods. 

Once the fry are born it is recommended that you feed with a specially developed fry food as this is formulated to give the fry the best start in life. Feed this for up to two weeks and then move onto freshly hatched brine shrimp.

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