Buying the right aquarium.

Aquariums are available in a wide range of designs so it is often a matter of personal taste. The majority of aquariums are all glass and are available in a wide range of standard sizes or they can be ordered made to measure. Stands, cabinets and hoods can be purchased separately, often in a wide variety of 'wood' finishes to match your existing furniture and give your aquarium a truly stunning appearance. We advise that you don't use an existing item of furniture as a stand unless it is very sturdy as, once filled, your aquarium will be very heavy. Most household furniture is not designed to carry the load and could collapse.

There is a growing demand for acrylic tanks, they are usually more expensive than glass but acrylic tends to be more versatile and has improved tremendously since the days of the old style plastic tanks, which were prone to scratching and staining.

A quick look through your local paper will often show a wealth of secondhand aquariums. If you have a good working knowledge you may well find a bargain. However, if you are new to the hobby, a secondhand aquarium can quickly become a nightmare as they often comeA selection of aquariums available from complete with fish that you may not  wish to keep or know how to care for. Perhaps the biggest consideration when buying a secondhand aquarium is the fact that you have no redress if the equipment becomes faulty or, horror of horrors, the aquarium starts to leak - that 50 'bargain' could end up costing you an awful lot more!

Size is important! As you will be creating an environment and habitat suitable for fish and plants the size of aquarium you choose is very important as it MUST NOT be too small. Standard aquariums with a length of between two and four feet are recommended, children can usually manage a two foot aquarium while an adults new to the hobby would be better suited to an aquarium of three feet or more.

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