Cleaning the glass 

Try to clean the glass inside and out once a week. This will ensure you have an unrestricted view of your fish. There are a number of options for keeping the inside of the glass clean, possibly the most practical of which is the algae magnet. This comprises of two felt covered pads which are placed either side of the glass. Magnetic force holds the two pieces together allowing you to sweep the glass to remove any algae build up. Alternatives are scrapers which hold a razor blade to scrape of any algae, these should be used with extreme caution to ensure the aquarium sealant is not damaged. There is also an array of sponges and scourers available, but if your tank is acrylic be careful which you use as any heavy scouring will result in scratches.

Routine maintenance - algae magnets make short work of keeping the glass clear

Care should be taken when cleaning the outside of your aquarium so that no household toxins are introduced to the water. There are a few products available that have been developed for cleaning the outside of aquariums which are safe to use. If you do not have these products the safest thing to clean your tank with is fresh water and no chemicals. A micro-fibre cloth kept for the specific purpose of cleaning the glasses will make light work of the job.

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