In general the following emergency procedure for neglected aquariums should help but it should be noted that some fish and or plants may not survive. Problems caused by excess biological waste in the tank can be prevented by routine aquarium maintenance. These instructions should be followed for two to three weeks.

goldfishChange one third of the aquarium water immediately and repeat every week for three weeks. See water changes for more information.

goldfishCarefully loosen the substrate with your fingertips to release any fermentation gases which may be trapped.

goldfishSupply oxygen constantly. 

goldfishDo not feed the fish for the first three days, this will reduce the load on the filter. After three days start to introduce food sparingly. See feeding for further information

goldfishClean the filter immediately and again after three weeks. See filter maintenance for more information.

goldfishAdd a biological water conditioner to reduce stress levels and to increase the amount of beneficial bacteria present in the aquarium.

After three weeks of emergency care switch to the schedules laid down for routine aquarium maintenance.

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