Foods and feeding

A small selection of the range of foods available from Aquatic Fanatic.Once you have added the fish, don't be tempted to feed them straight away. Give them a chance to settle down and offer the first feed a couple of hours after stocking. Feed sparingly initially, just a few flakes will be enough as overfeeding at this point will overload the system. 

Once the aquarium has fully matured and is stocked to it's capacity there are a few basic feeding rules to follow:

goldfishFeed only when you have time to observe if all the fish are feeding. Refusing to feed is a sure sign of illness.

goldfishFeed flake food initially and then slowly introduce new and varied foods. A varied diet is essential for keeping your fish in the best condition.

goldfishFeed only as much food as is eaten within ten minutes, if food remains after this time it should be removed to avoid fouling the water. Overfeeding is the biggest cause of death in fish keeping, it is better to not feed enough than overdo it!

goldfishAllow 30 minutes after the light has been switched on before attempting to feed, it takes this long for the fish to become fully awake.

goldfishDo not crumble the flake food, the fish can easily manage even the biggest flakes!

goldfishDo not feed immediately after carrying out routine tank maintenance, allow an hour or so for the  fish to settle down.

goldfishDo not switch off the filter during feeding.


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