Positioning the aquarium.

Position your aquarium carefullyIt is important to consider a few points when deciding where you would like to situate your new aquarium. Your first consideration should always be whether the floor can support the weight. As discussed previously a filled aquarium is very heavy and when you take into account that one litre of water = 1 kilogram in weight, it's hardly surprising! This shouldn't be a cause for concern if you have a concrete floor, but for those of us with floorboards it's worth checking in which direction the joists run and try to position the legs of your stand/cabinet over the joists rather than the space in between. The bigger the aquarium, the more important this becomes. You should also think about the impact the weight of the aquarium will have on your choice of floor covering, consider putting something under the legs to prevent it from cutting into the carpet/laminate. One more thing to consider is that the cabinet/stand should not be placed half on/half off a rug or other uneven floor covering, this can cause the base to crack.

The next thing to think about will be where in the room it should go. Ideally the position you choose should be somewhere where you can view the aquarium comfortably but out of direct sunlight (too much light will encourage algae to grow and sunshine will cause temperature swings), in a 'quiet' area (if placed too close to doors or in a busy part of the house etc, the fish will be disturbed by the sound/vibration), out of draughts and cooking fumes and not too close to any heat sources like fireplaces or radiators. The position you choose should be close to an electricity supply and offer you adequate access to service the aquarium. 

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