Routine maintenance 

No matter how good your filtration system you will always need to carry out routine maintenance in your aquarium. The regular removal of organic fish wastes and decaying plant matter, water changes and general tidying up will keep your aquarium and it's inhabitants looking in the very best condition. If the maintenance is carried out on a regular basis it will only take approximately 30 minutes to an hour every week. There is usually no need whatsoever to totally strip down an aquarium to clean it, not only does this stress the fish it also kills off the beneficial bacteria you have strived so hard to keep alive. This quick guide should answer any questions you have regarding the basics of aquarium maintenance.

GoldfishWater changesGoldfish

How often and how much water is partial?!

GoldfishCleaning the substrateGoldfish

Cleaning gravel the easy way!

GoldfishCleaning the glassGoldfish

How to keep the 'window' clear.

GoldfishFilter maintenanceGoldfish

Everything you need to know to clean your filter safely.

GoldfishEmergency treatment for neglected tanksGoldfish

A cleaning regime for run-down aquariums.

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