Setting the temperature

A selection of heaters available from Aquatic FanaticTropical fish need constant tropical temperatures. As mentioned previously, a typical tropical community set up would run at 24-26C (75-79F). The temperature of the water also effects it's oxygen holding capacity, the warmer the water, the less oxygen it can hold. Species that are not used to low oxygen levels will be seen gasping at the water's surface. If the water is too cool the fish will become inactive and rest more near the bottom of the aquarium. 

Heaters are available in a variety of wattages, so how do you know which heater is the right size for your aquarium? A good rule of thumb is  you will need 1 watt per litre (roughly 5 watts per gallon). Aquariums housing large fish should always use a heater guard or place the heater where accidental breakage is unlikely. An aquarium thermometer should be added so that the heater's temperature can be verified, feeding time is ideal for this quick daily check. Thermometers are usually glass but stick-on strips and battery powered digital thermometers are also available. 

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